Associated Slice

(Stop going on about it). If you bought one thanks very much. I'm working on a downloadable version to appease our robot overlords and by working on I mean intending to work on, after the weekend, it's important to have something to dread while retching yourself awake at the stench of Monday's dawn-crevice and just because I'm between jobs doesn't mean I'll be going without, and by dread I mean pleasantly expect. If you'd like to borrow a physical one because you've run out of ways to get your hands filthy you can do so by moving to Bristol and visiting bloom & curll. It should be in the cupboard at the back where he keeps all the local things. Unless after reading it he decided to put it in some kind of capsule and bazooka it into the graveyard. I haven't checked. You might find James Collett's diaries there and that will be excellent also. Anyway go there and buy a book. And while you're at it stop being told what to do. Or don't, I'm not the leisure-sheriff, normal service will be exhumed when I remember where I've put it.

I Couldn't Agree More

It's here. Here it is. Click here for a copy. I've been poking it with a stick for ages and today it finally asked me to leave it alone. A pungent glut of whimsical despair. A king-size bag of peculiar crisps. A lot of blank space and very little action. A series of one-day jobs.
One page of it was adapted from a bit of this blog, so I owe you 10p if you feel like that's cheating, but it's woven niftily into the rest of the story, a story so incredibly adequate that after it's over you'll think it was almost worth bothering with.
Thanks for everything and if you'd like to come to the launch party there isn't one, but instead of that if you buy it and dislike it I will personally drag it from your house to the Clifton Suspension Bridge, no matter how far that is, kick it into the air, murder it with a war-axe and buy you a pint.

Tax Credits Could Top Up Your Earnings

I'm in this thing with them ones at that place. I sent my doings off today, in a tube. Zoosh.

New Marrow Blimey Fanatic

You should see what they've done though. Jesus it's unspeakable. The furniture. You sit on a couch and the table's higher than your head. And when the food comes it's an extra quid for the use of a lunch-funnel. And christ the sandwiches, leather and brasso and toenail mayonnaise and eight quid for a bowl of chips and they're not even chips. The service is exceptional but y'know. Afterwards you need at least two showers and a good solid discussion with yourself. I would stop going only it's on the way home from the new place.

The Plans Upstanding

The next thing has been applied to the old thing and now we wear better shoes. I can't say I'm qualmless. Lucky something new found me right after I wondered aloud what I might fall into. I was going to get a career demolishing orphanages with my pelvis. But I accepted a new bar job. But only because there's less paperwork. And the bar is new so it'll be a while before I can be the cause of its ruin. And this might not terribly happen. And soon I'm going to try and sell you a book. I'm going to get zesty. Maybe you should get some goggles or something. I hope you will also sell me your output. My pillows are full of malice, for example. I'm trying to be polite about it. It's possible you're excited about the forthcoming Swans album. We could endure it together. I'm generally busy on Thursdays.

Soonly Near

One more delay to go then no more delays and the thing will be available by the end of the month and it's going to turn your life around or not adjust it at all.
Simon Reynolds and Alice Ball did the cover. This is the front of it. It also has a back. The back will have you foaming at the eyes. It contains a commercially suicidal but very accurate description of what's inside. I'll attempt a more sensible version on here soon. But in a word: entertainment.
Simon's unlabyrinthine website is here.
Alice's doesn't exist.
Thanks for snailing with us.